Opening and Welcome

Dr. Urban Rid
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Germany 
Luis Ciro Pérez Fernández
IDAE - Ministerio de Industria, Turismo y Comercio (Spain)

Session 1: Current discussion on the RE directive proposal - key issues

Hans van Steen  
European Comission, DG TREN
Silvo Skornik
Ministry of the Economy, Slovenia

Session 2: Directive proposal: Provisions on flexibility and its expected impacts on Feed-in Systems

Karina Veum  
European Comission, DG TREN
André Poschmann  
Legal Expert to the Federal Ministry, Germany
Dr. Dörte Fouquet 
Kuhbier law firm, Belgium 

Session 3: Possible forms of flexibility under the new RE Directive

Hugo Lucas Portas / Luis Ciro Fernández
IDAE, Spain 
Ron van Erck 
Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands
Dr. Urban Rid
Federal Ministry for the Environment, Germany

Session 4: A different model to achieve flexibility: Clustering of Feed-in Sytems

Dr. Mario Ragwitz / Dr. Gustav Resch
FhG ISI, Germany / EEG, Austria
Dr. Ole Langniss  
ZSW, Germany 

Session 6: Status of national feed-in systems

Arta Denina
Ministry of Economics, Latvia
José Etcheverry
David Suzuki Foundation, Canada 
Marlene Neves
Ministry of Economy and Innovation, Portugal 
Ron van Erck 
Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Netherlands
Stanislav Travnicek
The Czech Energy Regulatory Office, Czech Republic
Tamas Toth
Hungarian Energy Office, Hungary

Session 7: Economic impacts of RE expansion, Feed-in and state aid

Carlos Gasco
Iberdrola, Spain
Marlene Kratzat  
DLR, Germany
Franko Nemac  
APE, Slovenia