National Renewable Energy Action Plan
Summary of the Renewable Energy Plan (REP) 2005-2010 - English
represents a revision of the Spanish Promotion Plan for 2000-2010. It includes rationales and scenarios, the energy targets set for each area of renewable energy technology, the measures necessary to meet those targets - including financing -, and the lines of technological innovation and the benefits deriving from their application.


Legislation Development of the Electric Power Act
This document includes Royal Decree 661/2007 of 25 May, regulating the activity of electricity production under the special regime. More information in English
Royal Decree 1578/2008
This decree includes significant changes to the financial regime relating to power generation through solar photovoltaic technology.
Royal Decree-Law 6/2009
This decree establishes a registry belonging to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade for the pre-assignment of remuneration for installations of the special system.
Royal Decree 1565/2010
This decree regulates modifies aspects of special regime production.
Royal Decree 1614/2010
This decree regulates and modifies aspects related to the production of electrical energy from solar, thermoelectric and wind energies.
Royal Decree 14/2010
By this decree, urgent measures are established to correct the tariff scheme of the electricity sector.
Royal Decree 1544/2011
This decree establishes the tolls of access to the transport and distribution networks that have to satisfy the producers of electricity.
Royal Decree 1699/2011
This decree regulates the network connection of electricity production for small power renewable energy installations.